About Us

About Us

Welcome To Immanuel Baptist Church

We Invite You To Join Us On A Journey

So many areas of life call for our attention.  We see the activities of government, business, medicine, technology, entertainment, and our lives are impacted by them.  Yet, in the core of our being, in the depth of our soul, we long for something more.  Our hearts hope there’s something deeper, something real and reliable, something lasting.  Perhaps you have felt this longing.

It is the Living God who calls us.
Come know Me.  Come follow Me.  Come enjoy Me.

This is our journey at Immanuel Baptist Church.  We stumble, we struggle, we misunderstand.  Yet God keeps calling and we know that what He offers is worth the next step.

Perhaps you hear the wonderful God of all creation calling to your heart.  Maybe you’ve heard it loud and dramatic through a life-threatening event.  Or maybe you’ve heard His soft whisper in the quiet of the night.  Whatever your story, wherever you are on the journey, if you hear His call to your heart, we invite you to join us.  Join us as we experience and celebrate truths like love, grace, mercy, forgiveness, joy, community, and eternal life.

We invite you to join us on a journey, any or every Sunday morning as we gather at 11 a.m.