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“Like trees firmly planted by streams of water.” Psalm 1:3

We are aware of President Trump’s statement regarding the need to reopen churches. We want to prevent any confusion and make clear that we will NOT be open for public worship services yet.

In the days ahead we will be reviewing CDC guidelines, the current condition of our facility, and updated government restrictions, in order to be sure our future reopening will be based on a thoughtful and reasonable plan. When we reopen for public gatherings, that will be communicated clearly.

When we reopen for public gatherings, be assured that our online live-stream will continue. We look forward to being together online for our live-stream Worship Service this coming Sunday!! – Pastor Vince

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Jesus is the Messiah

This week, Deacon Bryan Schroll is our guest speaker as he shares more evidences for a reasonable faith in God by focusing on the many evidences of Jesus being the promised Messiah. “In the Old Testament, over 400 years before Jesus was born, God The Bible provides more than 60 major descriptions of the Messiah and Jesus matched every one of them.”

No Identity Crisis with Jesus

**Please note that we did experience some sound issues during the first half of the broadcast.** Pastor Vince continues in his sermon series of “Evidences of a Reasonable Faith in God” by teaching on the sure identity of Jesus. “There is no evidence that Jesus ever had an identity crisis. The fact is there is plenty of evidence that Jesus would not allow others to shape identity…He was very clear about Who He is.”

Jesus on the Witness Stand

Pastor Vince continues his series of “Evidence for a Reasonable Faith” where he brings Jesus to the witness stand to declare the Scriptures as the Word of God. We can be confident in the Word of God, abide by it and apply it to our lives to comfort us, challenge us, correct us and anchor us.

Seeing Is Not Always Believing

Pastor Vince continues his series “Evidence for a Reasonable Faith.” This week, he focuses on the historical evidence of the life of Christ apart from the Gospels by sharing three different sources. If these sources are accurate in confirming the truth of Christ, the bigger question for us is how will we respond to that truth? Parents, here is a link to a coloring sheet for your kids to use that corresponds with Pastor Greg’s lesson today.