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“Like trees firmly planted by streams of water.” Psalm 1:3

We are open for Morning Worship Services at 9 & 11 am.

– Wearing of masks and choosing social distancing will be optional, but no longer mandatory during our Worship Services and other indoor gatherings.
– One side of our sanctuary will no longer have the social distancing tape and will be available for normal seating. The other side of the sanctuary will continue to provide social distance seating exactly as we have had over these last several months.
– There is no children’s Sunday school, children’s church, or nursery. We anticipate these services to resume in the near future.

We live-stream our Worship Service every Sunday at 11:00 am.

Please see the link below for more detailed information from Pastor Vince.

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There’s Angels, Not Elves, and We Will Be Ourselves

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 21 and asks the question: “What will life be like with nothing tainted by sin? With none of the vulnerabilities of sin? None of the heartaches of sin? We were created with a capacity to experience life and when we are in heaven, we will experience life the same way we do on Earth – but without sin.” Hallelujah!

Daddy, Do We Get to Live Here?

As Pastor Vince continues in his teaching of Revelation, he shares what his young children excitedly said when they moved into their new home: “Daddy, do we get to live here?” That example of joy and excitement is just a small taste of what we will be feeling in the scene of Revelation 21 where we will be in our heavenly, eternal state. We will be asking our Heavenly Father, “Abba Father, do we get to live here?” Listen in…

Be Very Sure

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 20 where “we can dream a little and taste by faith that day that is going to come to this Earth when we will fully experience the complete victory of Jesus – His rule, His reign and His kingdom indeed.”

Here He Comes

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 19 where we see the conclusion of Jesus’ return. He will be coming to put an end to those who have rejected Him.