Prayer Page

Prayer Page

Immanuel Baptist Church Family Prayer Sheet

February 1, 2023

Thursday–February 2nd

  1. Paige (Robbie Sullivan’s granddaughter) brain surgery–chemo continues–NO new growth PTL–things are stable
  2. Joe Sullivan–mass on colon–waiting for pathology results
  3. Debbie (Bill Leuters sister) cancer has spread–prayer for comfort & salvation
  4. Lou Thorpe–brain tumor–steroids for swelling–palliative care
  5. Phil & Mary Smith nephew- Zack lung cancer
  6. Marge McGowen–33yr old grandson recently diagnosed with MS
  7. Bill Rogan Jr (Kathleen’s brother) prostate surgery-healing
  8. Bob (Anthony Davolos grandpop) on hospice
  9. Sandy (friend of Joy Massimilla) pancreatic cancer–finished chemo–surgery 1/26
  10. Nelson Wiest–shoulder replacement surgery 1/31 went well–home
  11. Joe Ramowski–back surgery to insert rod–2/3 Lancaster Hospital

 Friday—February 3rd

  1. Ginny Johnson–stage 2 bladder cancer–recovering from Covid–chemo will begin again
  2. Darla Durr (Mike Durr’s wife) breast cancer surgery–chemo
  3. Dave Fox–swelling in legs caused by inadequate heart function–cardiologist appt in January
  4. Laura Mason-dizziness–Riverfront Rehab
  5. Kay McDonald–weakness, hand tremors, unsteady walking, many meds, cellulitis in ankleantibioitcs
  6. Bobbie Murphy-Lyon (Joanne Fahber step sister) inoperable brain cancer–hospital–failing–prayer for Joanne as she travels back and forth to NH
  7. Rich Samson–stroke and blood clot in brain--transition to Home–PTL
  8. Christopher Trabbold (friend of Misty Weiss) needs a liver transplant–awaiting a match
  9. Steve DiMico (Jeanne Fox husband) heart valve replacement 2/5
  10. Grayson McDonald–respiratory concerns

 Saturday—February 4th

  1. Carol Geist (friend of Joy M)–bone cancer–treatment plan
  2. Bevan Greiner (college friend of PV) advanced kidney cancer–chemo & surgery planned
  3. Michelle Fox–kidney dialysis continues–new port inserted in arm to be ready for use in April–prayer that healing and vein will be ready sooner
  4. Michael Stolzer (Robin’s brother in law)–many medical issues
  5. Dan Serabo mother–a lot of pain–degenerative joint disease–no cure
  6. Rob (friend of Marie Henry)colon cancer–new round of chemo to begin
  7. Ruthie Mills–ongoing back pain
  8. Carl (Ruthie’s brother) severe depression–recent testing for enlarged lymph nodes
  9. Dolores Pancoast–declining health–not eating–weight loss–possible hospice
  10. Marilyn (Traci Pellicori’s mom) receiving immunotherapy treatments

Monday—February 6th

  1. Benjamin (4 1/2 yr. son of coworker of Bill Fahbers) genetic disease–brain tumor–chemo continues until Spring 2023–minimal side effects PTL–MRI check up every 3 mths.
  2. Christine Fernandes-biweekly Soliris & Benlysta infusions for auto immune disease symptoms–prayer for improvement and progression of headaches & symptoms to discontinue
  3. Donyale Warner—Myeloma (bone cancer)—continued prayers for returning of kidney function–regaining strength
  4. Kathy Feeney (Alma’s cousin)cancer on lower left lobe–radiation
  5. Graham Gilbert–care facility @ Wiley–no strength in legs–wheelchair
  6. Artie (Elisabeth Kita caretakers brother) kidney failure & ventilator
  7. Amy Bryan Neilson–recovering from foot surgery
  8. Chris Entwistle–general health concerns-prayer that PT will relieve symptoms
  9. Stephen Fox (Lori & Bobby special needs son) peace for him as they travel

 Tuesday—February 7th

  1. Missionary connections that we have made with Poland(Jaisu), & Romania (Romanian Orphanage) housing Ukrainian refugees–prayer for safety and that those they are helping would see Jesus through their love and aid
  2. Kids Ministry as they continue to resumePancakes & Pajamas Outreach 2/11
  3. Nation of Israel
  4. Ukraine/Russian war
  5. Christians in Muslim & Hindu areas
  6. The Nation–unity in government & country—decisions—President Biden & government officials would seek the Lord’s direction
  7. Pastor Vince, Pastor Greg, Deacon Board & Deaconess Board—God’s direction
  8. Those serving in the military—Jake Coneby—Pfc. Ray Gregory, Chris (Barben) Cassidy, Linnea Pugh, Erin Clunie, Brandon Rice Jr., Bill LaFleur’s niece & son Matthew, Gerald Arntz
  9. Youth Group kids and leadership team as the youth group grows–Youth Sunday School–prayer that the hearts of teens would be reached with the gospel truth thru teaching and activities
  10. Ministries as they start back up-preschool story hour, DiscoverKids, Men’s & Women’s bible studies, First Place 4 Health, men’s & women’s breakfast fellowship

Wednesday–February 8th

  • General Health problems  Frank Caroll (Maria Ginion’s dad), Richard Ungerbueler, Carole Fox, Gussie Summers, Michelle Fox, Lillie Ford, Penny Groh (long term care), Penny Webb, Peggy Hess, Terry & Diane Coneby, Carol Spink, Rev. Bobby Fox (parkinson’s)     
  • Folks dealing with cancer—Genovere Corbit, Nancy Siegel, Bill Salerno, Bernadette Dunn, Ken Money, Tyler Greenfield (4yrs old) leukemia, Debbie Karwoski, Jo Craytor, Raife Rennie (friend of Stum’s), Terri Camlin, Leslie (Friend of Frank B), Bob Henry, Anthony Mannello–Neuroendocrine cancer, Keri Rehm, Shirley Oorlog Childs, Diane (Tom Hartkorn’s mom)
  • Shut-Ins—Peggy Hess, Dolores Pancoast, Teresa Horvath, Carol Geist, Ruth Rudd, Vinnie Kirby
  • Pain Management—Donna Weidmoyer, Jamie Batchelor, Laura LaFleur, Bob Cook, Beth Tarr, Lonnie Clayton
  • Salvation—Ginny, Steve D, Matt L, Sam, Jim B, Stacey R, Charlene, David & Dina, Stephanie F, Frank C, Dennis, Steven, Leslie, George, Elijja
  • UnSpoken Prayer Requests—Gussie Summers, Anabelle Sosa, Bill & Joanne Leuters, Nancy Serabo

Pray For Our Missionaries

ABBA Pregnancy Crisis Center—Lowell & Dixie Patterson, Directors—Palmyra, NJ
John & Dasia Abramovich—Missionaries to Youth  & Young Adults—BCM Poland
America’s Keswick/Colony of Mercy—Addiction Rehabilitation—Whiting, NJ
Jim & Mary Beerley–Crossworld–Canada
Tom & Sandy Brown—Wycliffe Bible Translators—Lancaster PA/Oaxaca, Mexico
Corey & Diana Burba—Romanian Orphan Ministries—Oradea, Romania
Paul & Cindy Butler—Elim Fellowship—Mali, Northwestern Africa
Ron & Charlotte Bystrom—Campus Crusade—Orlando, Florida
Rev. Gary & Terri Camlin—Biblical Education Training, teaching remotely—EFCM Portugal
Camp Haluwasa—Bill Ellwanger, Director—Christian Camp & Outdoor Center—Hammonton, NJ
Craig & Cassandra Fisher—Children: Nate, Tommy, & Seth— church planting & camp ministry—ABWE Nicaragua
Friends of Alcoholics—Rev. Mike & Jane Bonner, Aaron & Brittney Bonner—Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation—Pocahontas, MS
Scott & Susie Hampton—Children: Kieran, Kyle, Kaedon—directors at AIM Retired Missionaries Complex in Florida
Epiphany Fellowship of CamdenJoe & Kristy Marlin–Children: Aiden, Owen, Sophia, Conor, Camila
Jonathan & Becky—Children: Elizabeth, William—People International
Options for Women Pregnancy Crisis Center—1500 Kings Hwy N #110, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Dr. Gordon (Chip) & Laurie Phillips—Children: Caleb, Reed, Alison, Susanna, Julie—ABWE Brazil
The Saints Prison Ministry—Moorestown, NJ
Keeley Samson—Back in NJ–home–Missionary In Residence
Sunday B—Jeremy Montgomery, Director—Ministering to the homeless, alcoholic, & drug addicted—Philadelphia, PA
Union Mission Ministries—Charleston, West Virginia