Prayer Page

Prayer Page

Immanuel Baptist Church Family Prayer Sheet

October 20, 2021

Thursday-October 21st

  1. Donyale Baker–Myeloma (bone cancer)–stem cell transplant complete–dialysis–prayer for strengthened immune system & lifted spirits & kidney function to return
  2. Craig Reynolds (cousin of Bill Fahber) hit by an ATV–multiple injuries–appt. with surgeon re: knee replacement surgery
  3. Dominic (Joanne Fahbers grandson) eye injury from nerf gun dart–healing–does not need to go to Dr. for 1 year
  4. Ed Rice (Linda’s husband) blood clots in lungs caused some damage to heart–home–Dr. appointments–long recovery
  5. George Hilt–breathing treatments
  6. The Hayes family as Robert Hayes (Keswick) has passed to be with Jesus
  7. Christine Taylor (Becky’s mother) pre-existing heart & lung issues–ICU in NC with complications due to pneumonia/covid & breathing difficulties

FridayOctober 22nd

  1. Fran & Bill Rogan (Kathleen’s parents) strength & wisdom for family with struggles associated w/ Bill’s advanced Alzheimer’s
  2. Gary (Wayne Mignogna’s brother) home–weak–a long road to recovery–thankful the prayers received
  3. Penny Groh–fell-Laurel Brook Rehab
  4. Jerry (Jody) Tyson–stage 4 colon/liver cancer–significant weight loss–Cat Scan shows small spots on lungs–larger spots on liver–liver radiation next week
  5. Geno Samero (friend of Brad Ruesch) chronic itching on majority of body–bleeding from scratching–Dr’s wisdom in diagnosing & treating
  6. Joe Massimilla–dizziness–Holter monitor, brain MRI, carotid artery ultrasound all came back good–cardiologist appt.
  7. Lou Thorpe–more cancer nodules in lungs–chemo
  8. Tabitha Ford–in operable brain tumor and has a great need to be accepted into the right Group Home very soon
  9. Katrina McDonald–medical procedure 10/22

Saturday—October 23rd

  1. Sandy Milazzo (Joanne Fahbers friend) bone cancer–bones very brittle and breaking
  2. Rob (co-worker of Marie Henry) colon cancer–chemo–surgery
  3. Beth Tarr–bone spur in shoulder
  4. Penny Webb–edema in legs–renal inefficiency
  5. Raj & Jersuha–personal needs
  6. Elwood Severns (former fire chief) recovered from covid–home-PTL
  7. Elisabeth Kita–mild stroke–health issues–kidney problems–surgery to relieve pressure on brain
  8. Jean Thompson–doing well–recent tests show no cancer in bladder–PTL–Pacemaker good results–PTL–walking again–PTL
  9. Kelly Wallace–gland surgery 10/29

Monday—October 25th

  1. Benjamin (4 yr old son of coworker of Bill Fahber’s) genetic disease causing brain tumors–prayers that chemo continues to shrink the tumors
  2. Kathy McKeaney (Lori Ann’s friend) Stage 4 colon cancer–surgery to remove affected portion of colon–cancerous tumors found in liver–chemo
  3. Bob Cook–spinal surgery 6/15–OT & PT @ home–improving
  4. Ken Chapman (friend of Joanne Fahber) surgery to remove 12″ of colon–improving
  5. Linda Dubas (Dot Lowe daughter) shoulder replacement-quadruple heart bypass–regaining strength
  6. Carol (Helen Pfennig nephew’s wife) low hemoglobin–on coumadin–pneumonia–on IV & antibiotics
  7. Leanna Smolar—aneurysm surgery 11/19

Tuesday–October 26th

  1. Trunk or Treat event 10/31 in parking lot
  2. Greenhouse Kids Ministry
  3. Unity in government & this country–President Biden & new administration
  4. Christians in Muslim areas & Hindu areas
  5. Pastor Vince, Pastor Greg, Deacon Board, Building Committee & Building Project—God’s direction
  6. Those serving in the military–Jake Coneby—Pfc. Ray Gregory, Chris (Barben)Cassidy, Linnea Pugh, Brandon Rice Jr., Erin Clunie, Bill & Laura LaFleur niece & son Matthew
  7. Those that have been laid off due to company closings
  8. The violence in Afghanistan, Americans left behind & uprooted families

WednesdayOctober 27th

  1. General Health problems: GG, Lonnie Clayton, Frank Caroll (Maria Ginion’s dad), Diane Coneby, Richard Ungerbueler, Gale Pinardo, Carole Fox, Gussie Summers, Joy Massimilla, Lily Gravener–POTS/Dysautonomia, Bill Rogan, Christine Fernandes, Jean Thompson, Michelle Fox, Lillie Ford
  2. Folks suffering with cancer: Genovere Corbit, Nancy Siegel, Bill Salerno, Bernadette Dunn, Deborah (Pat Cooks cousin, Alicia, Marilyn (Traci Pellicori’s mom), Tyler Greenfield (3yrs) leukemia, Connie (Kathy Sheetz sister), Ken Money—pelvic bone cancer, Kerri Rehm, Debbie Karwoski, William Hyland, Jackie Jordan, Lynda Lotierzo, Lou Thorpe, Jo Craytor, Raymond Meyers, Barbara (Tim McCormick’s sister), Raife Rennie, Terri Camlin
  3. Pain Management: Donna Weidemoyer, Jamie Batchelor, Laura LaFleur
  4. Shut-Ins: Peggy Hess, Ella Hankel, Dolores Pancoast, Frank Borrelli Sr., Theresa Horvath
  5. Salvation: Ginny C, Steve D, Matt L, Sam, Jim B, Stacey R, Charlene, David & Dina Shona, Michael S, Bob N, Stephanie F, Frank C, Dennis, Ann McCormick’s 91 yr old grandfather
  6. Unspoken Prayer Request: Ruth Rudd, Nancy Serabo, Donna Weidemoyer, Helen McClure
  7. Jobs: Ken Weidemoyer, Jackie DaSilva

Pray For Our Missionaries

ABBA Pregnancy Crisis Center—Lowell & Dixie Patterson, Directors—Palmyra, NJ
John & Dasia Abramovich—Missionaries to Youth  & Young Adults—BCM Poland
America’s Keswick/Colony of Mercy—Addiction Rehabilitation—Whiting, NJ
Tom & Sandy Brown—Wycliffe Bible Translators—Lancaster PA/Oaxaca, Mexico Jim & Mary Beerley–Crossworld–Canada
Corey & Diana Burba—Romanian Orphan Ministries—Oradea, Romania
Paul & Cindy Butler—Elim Fellowship—Mali, Northwestern Africa
Ron & Charlotte Bystrom—Campus Crusade—Orlando, Florida
Rev. Gary & Terri Camlin—Biblical Education Training—EFCM Portugal
Camp Haluwasa—Bill Ellwanger, Director—Christian Camp & Outdoor Center—Hammonton, NJ
Craig & Cassandra Fisher—Children: Nate, Tommy, & Seth— church planting & camp ministry—ABWE Nicaragua
Friends of Alcoholics—Rev. Mike & Jane Bonner—Alcohol & Drug Rehabilitation—Pocahontas, MS
Scott & Susie Hampton—Children: Kieran, Kyle, Kaedon—now directors at AIM Retired Missionaries Complex in Florida
Epiphany Fellowship of CamdenJoe & Kristy Marlin–Children: Aiden, Owen, Sophia, Conor, Camila
Jonathan & Becky—Children: Elizabeth, William—People International
Options for Women Pregnancy Crisis Center—1500 Kings Hwy N #110, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Dr. Gordon (Chip) & Laurie Phillips—Children: Caleb, Reed, Alison, Susanna, Julie—ABWE Brazil
The Saints Prison Ministry—Moorestown, NJ
Keeley Samson—YWAM/Wycliffe—Nepal/Perth learning Uniskript (a revolutionary linguistic/literacy technology based on pictorial alphabet)
Sunday B—Jeremy Montgomery, Director—Ministering to the homeless, alcoholic, & drug addicted—Philadelphia, PA
Union Mission Ministries—Charleston, West Virginia