Sermons by Vince McDonald

Sermons by Vince McDonald

Saul’s Surprise Party

Pastor Vince returns to his teaching in 1 Samuel and shares about the surprise party God had orchestrated for Saul. He then goes on to share how God desires to surprise us in our own lives every day…yet are we looking for it? “God wants to surprise us not just in eternity but today…He has so much for you in your daily lives that He wants to show you…it’s grace wrapped in grace wrapped in more grace. Anticipate today what…

Signs of Life

Pastor Vince teaches about the meaning and value of communion and baptism. “Faith creates our own personal identity in Jesus. Baptism celebrates our public identity with Jesus. The Lord’s Supper celebrates our plural identity in Jesus.”

Meet Me in Christmas

Pastor Vince teaches from Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.” “I don’t know where you spent Christmas this year, but maybe you did not spend it where you had planned it…Wherever it is that you spent Christmas, even if your plans were changed dramatically, God wanted to meet you there in Christmas. In fact, every day ahead of us, we have the opportunity to enjoy the truth of Christmas – to enjoy God wherever we are.”