Sermons on Christmas

Sermons on Christmas

Uneven Piles, Undeserved Promises

Pastor Vince teaches from Luke 1 and shares of Mary and Elizabeth and their pregnancy experiences and how we can learn from their responses. “Why are there uneven piles under the trees of our lives which can cause us to say, ‘God is not fair’…yet we need to choose instead to look at the promises, not the piles. Look at what is already under the tree for you.”

In Our Time

How do you handle God’s interruptions in your life? We can get so absorbed in our own plans and how we expect our lives to play out that we can lose the bigger picture. “It comes down to this: Am I at peace with the fact that God has the right to interrupt my life however He decides?” Pastor Vince squeezes a little more out of the Christmas story in this morning’s sermon. Don’t pass over this powerful message. He…
Pine, Snowflakes, Christmas Ornaments

A Christmas Landing

Pastor Vince gives a powerful message of how we can apply the Christmas message to the current times we are living in. He calls us to be intentional with others just as Christ was intentional on our behalf. “We are living in a time of disconnect and social distancing and I want to remind us that the joy of Christmas is made complete when we experience it together relationally…we need to be intentional with our relational impact…the foundational purpose of…

He Sings a Love Song

Pastor Vince puts his own spin on the Christmas song, “Winter Wonderland.” He shares of Someone Who has come to sing a new song in our lives that is “here to stay.” That new song is a love song that God is singing to us. He sings, “I want to be with you.” He sings this love song “as we go along” every day of our lives. John 1:14

Your Defining Moment

Those familiar with the Christmas story know that the wise men used a star to find Jesus. The star was a visible display of guidance provided by God for them. Pastor Vince reminds us that God guides our lives daily not by a star but by a defining moment. What is that specific defining moment? Take a listen to find out. Luke 2

Wrapping Paper, Wrapping Pain

Pastor Vince begins his Christmas series in the book of Habakkuk 3:17-19. Take a minute to read those three verses as it’s an interesting place to start. How does he tie them in to the Christmas story? Listen in to this very encouraging message. “God uses the context of pain as the wrapping paper for the gifts of the comfort of His promises and the comfort of His presence.” Luke 1:5-23

His Story

The ‘power of the people’ can have an impact on whether something rises or falls. Whether it be the success of a restaurant or Santa’s sleigh in the Elf movie. Yet, the power of the people has no impact on whether the true impact of the Christmas story will rise or fall. It doesn’t matter whether 1 person or 7 billion people believe in the Christmas story – the truth and impact of it remains the same. Your response to…