Sermons on Psalms

Sermons on Psalms

The God Who Hears

Pastor Greg teaches from Psalm 86. This is a prayer of David. It is a desperate, urgent prayer of need. “God not only hears our words, but He also hears our hearts.”

Sunday Worship: 3/22/20 Look Up and Listen

Throughout the generations, God has spoken to man in various forms. One way is through the skies. He spoke to Noah through the sign of the rainbow. He spoke to David through the vastness of the night sky. Today, He continues to use the sky to speak to us. Pastor Vince shares from Psalm 19 and reminds us of the foundational truth that God is above it all and He is not impacted by the things that shake us. Yet,…

Knots, Nots and Don Knotts

How is your worship? When our eyes are on ourselves, it prevents us to worship freely. This week, Pastor Greg teaches from Psalm 103 and encourages us in our worship of God by remembering three things: Remember what God has done – Remember what He has not done – Remember who we are in Him.