Sermons on Revelation

Sermons on Revelation

The Destination is Determined

As Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation, he begins with an example of when he drives to historic Philadelphia, he knows that when he takes the same road pattern, he will reach the same destination. In these next few chapters of Revelation, we see the infrastructure of the final world system that is against God and we read of its’ demise. “Satan is alive, he is active, and he is effective of stirring a world system that wants to…

Worship, Woe and We

Pastor Vince continues teaching in Revelation 16 where the focus is on the closing scenes of the book. God’s judgment is being poured out without interruption. The people left on Earth are those who have chosen to live apart from God. “When we choose sin, we are choosing the destruction that sin brings.”

April 11, 2021 “Worshiptometry”

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 15 and shares how worship is meant to capture our attention and set the scene for every moment in life. Worship leads us to deeper truth about God. “When we see God for Who He is, we are ready to see every unfolding scene in life…What is in front of you this week? Something alarming? Something amazing? I don’t know, but I do know this. For us to gather and say, “Boldly we…

Is Your Song a “Hope So” or a “Know So”?

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 15 but also speaks of Palm Sunday as he makes a side by side comparison between the two crowds. He also points out a contrast between them. “Pray for the Holy Spirit to increase your faith to move from a ‘hope so’ faith to a ‘know so’ faith.”

“The Song That Changes the Scene”

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 14 and shares how this chapter is similar to a spring weather tease in the midst of a harsh winter. “There is a song that Christians can sing that can change the scene. We have the ability to change the scene from panic to praise; from discouragement to encouragement; from fear to peace…What can change any scene? The power of the song of the gospel…If we focus on Jesus’ truth that He has…

There is Treasure in the Trial

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 13 by starting out in Matthew 13 and reminds us that what we have in the kingdom of God is so much greater than the treasures this Earth offers. “What is it that my heart is seeking above all else as I journey the fields of this world? There is a temptation when one studies the book of Revelation to get all wrapped up as if the most important thing is to figure…

Puff the Counterfeit Dragon

Pastor Vince continues his study in Revelation 13 where Satan is working hard to deceive everyone on Earth to believe in his counterfeit kingdom. “Perhaps we have all asked ourselves if we would be willing to die for Christ. Yet, an even bigger question is are we willing to live daily for Christ so that people can see displayed in our life that there is a real kingdom of God.”

You Are in the Cast

As Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 12, he asks us if we are ready for the battle that is described. We are part of the cast in that production right now. “The important scene in Revelation 12 is not to be looking for Satan but to remember Who the Son is and what He is accomplishing for us – and He is leading us to victory.”

There’s No Risk With This Reality

Our study in Revelation continues this week. Pastor Vince sets up his message with sharing his struggle with having a good attitude with playing the board game Risk when he was younger. “In Revelation 11, we are going to read of the victorious declaration of God’s Kingdom. There is no chance that Satan will win, no matter what he tries. God’s kingdom is sure!” Knowing there is no risk to losing the kingdom of God can bring us eternal joy.

Ben-Hur + Braveheart x 10

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation and he has an interesting title to this sermon. He references these movies…and even Rocky at the end of this message…to help understand all the action that is awaiting our world as described in Revelation 11. “There is a whole lot of human activity that we are involved in but what I hope Revelation 11 shows us is that in the midst of it all, I hope it causes us to see that…

Digesting the Divine

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 10. “The angel instructs John to finish what he started. Chew it up, digest it, so that it will benefit you before you go to share it with other people. Pastor Vince then asks us if we have been chewing on God’s Word for years but have not swallowed it. “Digested truth provides for spiritual poise.”

Real Ghosts of Christmas Future

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 8. “In the midst of the message of Revelation 8, there is a place of pointing to the gospel…we don’t need to hide from or run away from God…Jesus is offering peace from death, peace from sin and to experience peace from within.”

Standing on the Providence of God

Pastor Vince continues in his teaching on the book of Revelation and this week is in chapter 7. He challenges us with this question: “Are we displaying to the world that we are a people whom God has enabled to stand?” You may wonder if you have been enabled to stand. We encourage you to listen to find out if you have.

Never the Same Again

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 5 where the climax of the entire history of the human race is expressed in song. It speaks of our Savior. Towards the end of this message is also a beautiful application. “What’s the loudest music that is playing in your life? What is the song that people hear coming from you?” May you be both encouraged and challenged.

There Are No Cracks in This Glass

Pastor Vince continues his study in Revelation and teaches from chapter 4. We are given a view of Heaven. Yes, Heaven is real. Pastor Vince shares about the place, the plan and the possibility of Heaven. “We can become so earthly-minded that we forget about the beauty of Heaven and the security of God’s plan. There are no cracks int the glass around the throne of Heaven.”

Christ to the Cardboard Cutouts

Pastor Vince teaches from the letter to the church of Laodicea. Jesus admonishes the Laodiceans on the lukewarmness of their faith. They have become like lifeless cardboard cutouts. Yet, Jesus desires to demonstrate His love towards them by bringing life to them. “The heart of Jesus is to change us.”

Stale Witness

Our teaching in Revelation continues with focusing on the church in Sardis in Revelation 3:1-6. Jesus admonishes them for having a stale faith and for trying to live off of the vibrant believers in the past. He is calling them to wake up and be renewed to the work of the Holy Spirit. May we learn the lesson from the church of Sardis and stay alive with our eyes fixed on the power of the Holy Spirit in our midst.
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