Sermons on Creation

Sermons on Creation

What a Memory!

Pastor Vince continues his teaching series of “God’s Amazing Creation” and he focuses on our brain and the incredible gift of memory. “God has give you memory to remember your relationship with Him and His faithfulness to you.”

Behold and Be Held

Pastor Vince begins a study on God’s magnificent creation and asks the following questions: “How does creation move you? What does it move you towards? To WHOM does it move you towards?” He uses Isaiah 40:28-31 as his Scripture foundation for this week’s teaching. When you focus on God’s creation, take time to discover, take time to be moved by what you see and take time to be loved by God. “As you are beholding it all, you can know…

Hear His Voice

Pastor Vince continues his teaching on the “Evidences for a Reasonable Faith.” This week, he focuses on the internal evidences: our conscience and our awareness of eternity. “God has placed knowledge of Himself in the heavens and He has placed knowledge of Himself in our hearts.”

Are You My God?

This past Sunday, Pastor Vince took a break from his series in Matthew and shared about creation. 2 Corinthians 5:17