Sermons from August 2020

Sermons from August 2020

In His Hands, In His Plans

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in the book of Revelation 1 where John has a vision of Jesus. There is a wonderful application to our lives on how this vision of Jesus can impact us. “When you are able to take possession of the awesomeness and assurance of Jesus’ personal love for you, there is nothing anyone or anything can do to you…You are in His hands, You are still in His plans, and He wants to continue to work…

“Look Who’s Talking”

This week, Pastor Vince begins a new teaching series on the book of Revelation. “This revelation is going to unfold. There is no question about that. We know this because of the One Who is talking – the God Who was, Who is, and Who is to come.”

Restored and Nourished

Pastor Greg teaches from Ruth chapter 4 and describes how Boaz becomes Ruth’s redeemer and what a perfect example it is of how Jesus has offered to redeem us. Are you in a place where you are far from God and have no hope for your present circumstances or your future? Will you ask Jesus to redeem, restore and renew you? He is patiently waiting for you to turn to Him and ask.

Jesus is the Messiah

This week, Deacon Bryan Schroll is our guest speaker as he shares more evidences for a reasonable faith in God by focusing on the many evidences of Jesus being the promised Messiah. “In the Old Testament, over 400 years before Jesus was born, God The Bible provides more than 60 major descriptions of the Messiah and Jesus matched every one of them.”

No Identity Crisis with Jesus

**Please note that we did experience some sound issues during the first half of the broadcast.** Pastor Vince continues in his sermon series of “Evidences of a Reasonable Faith in God” by teaching on the sure identity of Jesus. “There is no evidence that Jesus ever had an identity crisis. The fact is there is plenty of evidence that Jesus would not allow others to shape identity…He was very clear about Who He is.”