Sermons from February 2021

Sermons from February 2021

Puff the Counterfeit Dragon

Pastor Vince continues his study in Revelation 13 where Satan is working hard to deceive everyone on Earth to believe in his counterfeit kingdom. “Perhaps we have all asked ourselves if we would be willing to die for Christ. Yet, an even bigger question is are we willing to live daily for Christ so that people can see displayed in our life that there is a real kingdom of God.”

When We Are Passing Prayers Instead of Popcorn

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 12 and begins by sharing how different movies can impact us in different ways. Some stay with us after we leave the theatre. As we study these specific events in Revelation and leave the “theatre”, we can understand how these verses can be applied to our lives today. “God never abandons us when we are in a battle.”

Be HIS Valentine

Pastor Vince takes a break from his teaching in Revelation to talk about God’s love for us. “If you are looking for love, here is the most amazing love story. There is Someone out there Who truly loves you and His valentine offer is not to take some of your worth for Himself, but it’s to take some of His worth and give it to you…forever. Our greatest need is to be His Valentine.”

You Are in the Cast

As Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 12, he asks us if we are ready for the battle that is described. We are part of the cast in that production right now. “The important scene in Revelation 12 is not to be looking for Satan but to remember Who the Son is and what He is accomplishing for us – and He is leading us to victory.”