Sermons from July 2023

Sermons from July 2023

Rerun, Reunite, Restore

Pastor Greg compares his spiritual journey these past several months to the time when Jesus restored Peter which is in John 21:1-21.

Seasons with the Son

Pastor Vince continues his teaching on the magnificence of God’s creation. “If you are not awake to the glory of God and to His plan of salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ, then you are not awake to life.”

Behold and Be Held

Pastor Vince begins a study on God’s magnificent creation and asks the following questions: “How does creation move you? What does it move you towards? To WHOM does it move you towards?” He uses Isaiah 40:28-31 as his Scripture foundation for this week’s teaching. When you focus on God’s creation, take time to discover, take time to be moved by what you see and take time to be loved by God. “As you are beholding it all, you can know…