Sermons on Evangelism

Sermons on Evangelism

“Welcome Back”

Pastor Vince continues his sermon series of “Evidences for a Reasonable Faith” by focusing on how it fits with everything we know about the human experience. He shares of a musical group called Lovesong that came to faith in Jesus after being a part of the drug and free love culture of the 60’s and 70’s. “After searching all these different means in life trying to experience what they are supposed to be here for, they find that the historical…

What’s It All About?

What is the meaning of life? Who are we? Whose are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? Those are all questions we wrestle with at some point in our lives. Pastor Vince encourages us to think through these questions and shows us in Scripture the answers. “The fact is we can try every area of life without God, yet it’s going to be meaningless and it becomes evident that we were not meant to find meaning apart…


Pastor Vince continues in his series, “Evidences for a Reasonable Faith.” He uses several Scripture references to show that the very God Who created and designed this world gives evidence that He sustains it. He shows us why He can and why that should cause us to have confidence, peace and joy as we move forward in our lives.

“Let My People Think”

Pastor Vince begins a new series entitled, “Evidences for a Reasonable Faith.” Everything we know and believe of God was initiated by Him. We believe in God because He wanted to reveal Himself to us so that we would respond in faith to Him. What are at least two ways that God has revealed Himself? Watch this message to find out.