Sermons from January 2021

Sermons from January 2021

There’s No Risk With This Reality

Our study in Revelation continues this week. Pastor Vince sets up his message with sharing his struggle with having a good attitude with playing the board game Risk when he was younger. “In Revelation 11, we are going to read of the victorious declaration of God’s Kingdom. There is no chance that Satan will win, no matter what he tries. God’s kingdom is sure!” Knowing there is no risk to losing the kingdom of God can bring us eternal joy.

Ben-Hur + Braveheart x 10

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation and he has an interesting title to this sermon. He references these movies…and even Rocky at the end of this message…to help understand all the action that is awaiting our world as described in Revelation 11. “There is a whole lot of human activity that we are involved in but what I hope Revelation 11 shows us is that in the midst of it all, I hope it causes us to see that…

Digesting the Divine

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 10. “The angel instructs John to finish what he started. Chew it up, digest it, so that it will benefit you before you go to share it with other people. Pastor Vince then asks us if we have been chewing on God’s Word for years but have not swallowed it. “Digested truth provides for spiritual poise.”

The Hour is on the Clock

Pastor Vince continues his teaching in Revelation 9. He starts out by reading Revelation chapter 9, verse 15. It is a sobering verse.” There are days in life in this world where you may feel like, ‘WOW!’ This is a great day where the sun is shining, everything is great, all is well. When you are having that kind of day, Revelation 9:15 can not only seem so far away, it may also seem impossible. Then they’ll be days where…

In Our Time

How do you handle God’s interruptions in your life? We can get so absorbed in our own plans and how we expect our lives to play out that we can lose the bigger picture. “It comes down to this: Am I at peace with the fact that God has the right to interrupt my life however He decides?” Pastor Vince squeezes a little more out of the Christmas story in this morning’s sermon. Don’t pass over this powerful message. He…